Our mission is to bring joy to children and their families spending the holidays in hospitals across the country.



What started as a local push is now spreading across the nation...
— Danielle Lama, Fox 35 News

What We've Achieved


  • The idea of decorating the room of a family that would not be going home for the holidays exploded into an out pour of love and generosity from the people of Orlando, the city beautiful, and with that, The Greyson Project was born.

  • In the first year a total of:

    • 2 Children's Hospitals in Orlando, FL

    • 71 bags were delivered


  • A massive domino effect took place and The Greyson Project spread out of Florida and finished out the month of December with a total of:

    • 5 States

    • 9 Hospitals

    • 495 bags delivered


  • We surpassed all expectations with another record breaking year. The Greyson Project spread to:

    • 13 States

    • 23 Hospitals

    • 979 bags delivered


  • We cant wait to see what 2018 has in store...