This is OUR 'WHY'


This Is Greyson...

In late 2010, Greyson's family spent an unexpected and difficult time in the hospital over what is usually a magical time of year - the holiday season.  Friends and family gathered for weeks to sit, sooth, and eventually say goodbye to this sweet boy.  Their time in the hospital was marked by a special care package from family members containing everything they needed to decorate the room for Christmas.  All who visited were struck by the fact that this was the only room with decorations and what a difference it made when you stepped into Greyson's room!  Truly, everyone wants to feel at home for the holidays! 

As a tribute to Greyson, we began this project: to donate bags of decorations to families spending the holidays in the hospital. By donating a bag, you can make one more hospital room feel a little more like home.